The Path to Peace and Freedom

$49.95 AUD

Whatever you believe your problem is, whether it be anxiety, addiction, depression, overwhelm, stress, not coping, relationship issues, self harm or something else, in this training I want to share how these things aren't really the problem. They are symptoms of a wider problem, which is a disconnection from yourself. In this training, I want to share the 6 steps to peace and freedom.


“Heidi, it has taken me a week to get through this program. I chose to do it slowly so I might digest all that you are saying. It has made an enormous amount of sense to me, and I sincerely thank you, I intend to delve deeper with you when my finances improve. So for the moment....a very big thank you X”


“Oh boy, light bulb moment. I'm going to try not to rescue. Probably a huge part of the relationship I'm in is me trying to fix and rescue everything all the time, Who rescues me?”


“Heidi, I found your training very helpful. Especially the part about trusting the flow in life and that we're always being guided by a higher being. That made me feel very good about myself.”


“I can relate totally. I have come to the conclusion that when I have a relapse in depression it's all those suppressed feelings popping up to be healed.”


“You present a lot for me to think about - how I'm giving away my power and how I'm resisting the lessons and keeping myself stuck!”


“Motivational and makes you feel better about yourself”


“Yes so true. I have worn a mask for so long that I am not sure who I am under it. Even in the counselling room I can't take it off totally.”


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